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  1. App Data From Iphone To Mac Iphone
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  • Oct 07, 2019 Quick Start: Use your iPhone or iPad that's already running iOS 11 or later to automatically set up a new device. ICloud: Transfer your data and purchased content to your new device from your previous device's iCloud backup.
  • Fone on your Mac or PC, plug in your iPhone via the Lightning cable, and you're ready to start searching for deleted or unreachable files. The software can recover files directly from.
  • 2 days ago  The client app code expects the data returned by the server to be in a particular format. But when the server suddenly starts sending data in a different format, the framework code is not prepared.

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iPhone users will always like to have their device in top shape in order to keep enjoying their cherished device. However, it is important to understand that app caches, documents and data, junks etc becomes problematic to iPhones when they are not cleared off, they may lead to iPhone performing sluggishly. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to clear app data on iPhone to free up space and enjoy better device performance.

  • DIY Method 1: Clear iOS App Data in Safari
  • DIY Method 2: Uninstall & Reinstall Unwanted Apps
  • Software Support: Clear All Apps' Data on iPhone: Junk files, Attachments, Texts etc.

How to Get Apps & Data Screen on an Old iPhone. If you've already been using your iPhone, and for some reason you want to go to the Apps & Data screen, here is what you do: (1) Go into your Settings, then General, then Reset. (2) Tap Erase All Content and Settings. Basically, you're going to have to make your phone like new. How to Transfer files and folders to an iPhone or iPad App from a Mac or PC. But most apps don't have File Sharing enabled. Also even if the app has File Sharing enabled, you cannot access other folders than the Documents folder. In an app's sandbox you also have a Library folder containing app's settings, configuration, and sometimes content.

DIY Method 1: Clear iOS App Data in Safari

For some built-in Apps, iOS offer the option of deleting App data, such as Safari, we can clear the Safari data with the help of the process which has been mentioned as under.

Step 1. The Settings app within the iPhone is to be selected to proceed with the process. Within the app the user needs to select Safari.
Step 2. The Safari stores website data to ensure that the future visits are made swift. Once the safari has been clicked on the next page, the clear history and website data is to be clicked.
Step 3. Once again, clear history and data is to be clicked. This confirms the action and the process ends here completely.

DIY Method 2: Uninstall & Reinstall Unwanted Apps

App Data From Iphone To Mac Iphone

Except Safari, for almost all other Apps, there is not an option in iOS that can delete these iPhone app junk data directly. So the fastest way to clear up these app data is to delete these apps, and then reinstall them. And the process is rather easy, you just need to tap on the app which you want to delete, hold on until the '×' appear, tap on the '×' and you'll be able to delete the app.

The inconvenience of this method is that all your useful App files and data will also be removed, including some business conversations, important files etc. And this is a temporary solution, you'll need to uninstall the Apps again and again in the future.

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Software Support: Clear All App Data on iPhone: Junk files, Attachments, Texts etc.

Fully compatible with iOS 11; Work for iPhone 8/7/6/6s/5/5s/4/4s.

In fact, the app data can be divided into two categories, one is some invisible useless data, like junk files, temporary files, app caches etc, the other is your visible personal files, texts and attached photos/videos etc.

To save space and boost up iPhone, clear up invisible useless data should be done firstly, then we should deal with your huge visible data. And iMyFone Umate Pro can do all these:

iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Cleaner

Transfer App Data From Iphone To Mac

  • To clear invisible App data on iPhone, you should turn to the cleanup option of “Junk Files” and “Temp Files”.
  • To delete visible iOS App data, the options of “Photos”, ”Large Files”, “Apps” in “1-Click Free Up Space” tab can do a lot. For more data types, like messages, contacts, attachments etc, you should choose “Erase Private Data”tab.
  • In addition, after the above 2 process finished, you are highly suggested to “Erase Deleted Files” with Umate Pro, as deleted files still exist on your iPhone before having been completely overwritten. Despite the storage occupied by these files, if these deleted files are recovered by others with recovery software, then it may lead to privacy leak.

As one of the best iPhone data eraser in market, this software receive lots of positive reviews from, , etc.

To clear iPhone app data, such as app caches, cookies, crash logs,corrupted files etc., the user can follow the steps below. The processes are automated, the users just need to do several clicks then wait.

Step 1: Download and install the program. On successful installation the program is to be launched. The iOS device is then to be attached to the system so that the program detects it.

Step 2: Choose the '1-Click Free Up Space' mode. Then quick scan your iPhone.

Step 3: The 'Clean' button is then to be pressed to clean the useless iPhone App data.


iPhone is personal, it contains many private data, like bank account and passwords, personal photos and videos etc. To make sure that no one else could recovery your deleted sensitive data with a data recovery software, a permanent erasure for private files and previously deleted files is necessary.
As a powerful iPhone Cleaner, iMyfone Umate Pro can do much more for you iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:
  • Clear up junk files: Clear up all hidden junk files easily for FREE with just one click, including App caches, cookies, crash logs etc.
  • Clear up temporary files, App documents and data: These files accumulate as you use your device and then affect it negatively but the Umate Pro clears it all to ensure smooth running of your device
  • Decrease photo storage: For iPhone photos, there are 2 options to choose - compression or mass deletion, for both options, the original photos will be backed up on your PC.
  • Deal with large files: Detect all large files over 5MB on your iPhone and list all them for bulk deletion.
  • Manage Apps: list all apps installed in your iPhone and rank them according to their size, so you'll know clearly how much space have taken by each app for well management.
  • Erase private iPhone data: Private data is expected to remain private no matter any circumstance and the Umate Pro is perfect for this purpose. It erase your private data in such a way that nobody can retrieve them.
  • Erase WhatsApp: For all Whatsapp messages, attached photos and videos, Umate Pro can permanently erase them.
  • Erase already deleted data: This is important especially when selling or transferring ownership of your iPhone. Umate Pro will ensure that your previously deleted messages, contacts, call histories, photos and videos etc. are ermanently deleted, leaving no chance of recovery

Useful Tips

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1. What is App “ Document and Data”?

This is simply the browser history, logs, cookies, caches of photos and videos and other database files that are stored by the app on your document and data folder of your device.

Should We Clear “Document and Data”? The answer is yes because not clearing it affects your iPhone negatively as it eats up storage space making it perform sluggishly. Besides, for security reasons, you need to clear them to avoid data criminals obtaining valuable information from them.

2. What is iTunes “Other” Storage?

Note that anything stored on your IPhone that cannot fit into the 8 data categories of iTunes is classified as “Other”. It is important to clear it because it can occupy a whole lot of space. However, clearing it using the Umate Pro will free up space and ensure your device works optimally.

It is important to understand that simply deleting your private iOS data using the normal way is not sufficient because it can be recovered and this endangers your document security. However, the best thing to do is to erase them using the Umate Pro and this will guarantee that your private IOS data is erased permanently without the risk of having it recovered using data recovery tools. In fact, it ensures your privacy and data security.