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Jan 30, 2019  If you primarily want genealogy software to print out family trees, genealogy reports and books, Heredis 2018 is the best option. The software has more chart options than any other app I reviewed by a long shot. Mac Family Tree from Synium is the only Mac specific genealogy software in this category. Although since Synium released their first version of Mac Family Tree, most of the best genealogy programmes have become Mac compatible, all Mac users will tell you that software fine tuned specifically for the Mac is almost always superior. MacFamilyTree 9 - Genealogy for Mac Discover and experience your personal family history, explore your origins, your ancestors, and how your family has evolved over the course of time. MacFamilyTree 9 offers you a wide range of options to capture and visualize your family history.

New User Interface

  • Modern look
  • More logical structure
  • Easier and more comfortable to use
  • Customizable color scheme
  • Collapsable functions bar to gain even more space, especially handy when using smaller screens

Completely New Charts

  • Greatly enhanced performance
  • Multicore processors found in modern Macs are fully utilized
  • Rendering charts is completely handled by the graphics hardware/GPU
  • Nearly unlimited options configuring charts
  • Many included themes and templates
  • Text-only themes
  • Themes optimised for monochrome printing
  • Much improved and more efficient PDF export
  • Bitmap export as a PNG or JPEG file, optionally as individual pages
  • Several options to colorize generations added
  • Improved display of step and adoptive relationships
  • Age of the person at time of an event can be included optionally
  • Improved search for specific persons in a chart
  • New coloring options: By age and by birth year
  • Customize the name format to be used in a chart
  • Choose between different date formats (like long or short formats) to be displayed
  • New Tree Chart
    • Much improved layout
    • Greatly enhanced performance
    • Persons are grouped for easier navigation
    • Many new options to configure the Tree Chart
  • New Fan Chart
    • Optionally include person images
    • Many new themes and templates
    • New configuration options added
    • Optionally displays all events and facts for persons
    • Greatly enhanced text display
  • New Descendancy Chart
    • Improved layout
    • Can display up to 100 generations
  • Improved Statistics Chart
    • Much improved configuration options
    • Fully customise the appearance of the diagram grid
    • Optionally display numbers at each data point
    • Much improved performance
    • New statistic type: Month of divorce
    • New statistic type: First names
    • New statistic type: Titles
    • New statistic type: Age at christening
    • New statistic type: Age at retirement
    • New statistic type: Place of marriage, country of marriage
    • New statistic type: Place of burial, country of burial
    • New statistic type: Year of christening, year of burial
    • New statistic type: Genders
    • Option to exclude events and facts marked as private
  • New Distribution Chart
    • Visualize the distribution of names, birth place, birth country and genders over time
    • Also displays all person facts, like eye color, over time
    • Additionally shows the distribution of illnesses and occupations over time
    • Improved configuration options
    • Much improved graphics
    • Enhanced performance
  • New Double Ancestor Chart
    • New layout options added
    • Much improved layout and space usage
    • Optionally include brothers and sisters of ancestors
  • Improved Ancestor Chart
    • New compact view
    • Improved display of branches (when two distinct branches are colliding, they are separated by a greater distance)
    • Start person and partners are displayed in separate groups optionally
    • Now supports up to 100 generations
    • Optionally include brothers and sisters of the ancestors
  • Improved Hourglass Chart
    • Better space usage and layout
    • Optionally display the persons age at the time of event
    • New coloring option: By age
  • Improved Timeline
    • Better space usage and layout
    • Optionally display the persons age at the time of event
    • New coloring option: By age
  • Improved Genogram
    • Configurable Layout
    • Much improved display of events
    • Improved connection lines
  • Improved Saved Charts Section
    • Better user interface
    • Improved Thumbnails

Completely New Reports

  • Many themes and styles included ranging from plain text to coloful and complex designs
  • Each report and report theme is completely configurable to the last detail
  • Export all lists as CSV files compatible to Numbers and Excel
  • All reports can be exported as plain text or RTF files
  • On larger screens, several report pages can be shown side-by-side for better space usage
  • Choose between different date formats (like long or short formats) to be displayed
  • Source citations are now completely configurable. All information from a source can also be included in the source citation.
  • Choose between three on-screen display modes: Normal page, endless page without page breaks or scalable full-screen view
  • Click on persons, events, places, sources or media in a report to directly access the entry in the edit section
  • New Status Report
    • A summary of your Family Tree – for example, how many Persons or Families have been added
  • New Timeline Report
    • Shows the chronology of a Person and Close Relatives
  • New Change Log Report
    • Displays all changes to persons, families, sources and media
  • New Today Report
    • Lists all events that have occurred on Today’s Date in your Family Tree
  • New Fact List
    • Displays all entered Facts grouped by Fact Type
  • New LDS Ordinances Report
    • Lists all ordinances that have been reserved or printed (For LDS members)
  • New Person List
    • Freely specify what should be displayed in each column
    • Many options to customize sorting and grouping
  • Improved Person Report
    • Overview section at the beginning of the person report
    • Much improved ancestors and descendants section
    • Specify how large images of persons are displayed
    • Optionally display reference numbers like GEDCOM IDs or AFN numbers
  • Improved Family Report
    • Much improved layout of events and facts
    • Optionally display reference numbers like GEDCOM IDs or AFN numbers
    • Optionally, the family report shows an overview of the selected family at the start of the report
  • Improved Descendancy Report
    • Much improved layout, especially when displaying parents
    • Optionally display marriage dates or further information about parents
  • Improved Map Report
    • Configure which person events should be used to display the map report
    • Optionally consolidate events at the same place
  • Improved Marriage List / Family List
    • New grouping options: By last name of husband, last name of wife or marriage place
    • Freely specify what should be displayed in each column
  • Improved Events List
    • Optionally deactivate the grouping of events by year
    • Option to only evaluate events of living persons
  • Improved Places List
    • Option to only evaluate events of living persons
    • Improved grouping options
    • Enhanced display of events at a place
  • Improved Anniversary Report
    • Optionally displays the anniversary year of an event
    • Much improved configuration options
  • Improved Person Analysis
    • Improved user interface for selecting the analysis mode
    • Enhanced display of persons in the report
  • Improved Sources List
    • Specify how large images of the source should be displayed
    • New grouping option: By source archive
  • Improved To Do Report
    • Optionally display an overview at the beginning of the report showing the count of unresolved and resolved to dos in the family tree

Colorize Vintage Photos

  • Magically create color images from your precious black & white photographs in a single click — with the help of Artificial Intelligence
  • MacFamilyTree’s Artificial Intelligence automatically recognizes grass, sky, and faces and then chooses the appropriate colors
  • Works especially well with Portraits, Landscape Photographs, and Group Pictures of up to 10 Persons

Image Enhancement & Image-Editing Features

  • Enhances pictures with the help of Machine Learning
  • Scales Pictures up to quadruple the size of the original to reveal details not present in the Original Picture
  • Removes noise and Compression Artifacts — especially useful for older scanned documents and low-resolution images
  • Stepless rotation and easy to use crop function for photographs and scanned documents
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation of images
  • Non-Destructive: Every Operation can be reverted and Original Images are never altered
Family tree for mac

DNA Test Results

  • Add DNA test results to each person in your family tree – every major genealogy test vendor is supported
  • Support for Y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal DNA tests
  • Additionally add media (PDFs, images), notes and to dos for each test
  • Option to add raw DNA data for each test
  • Multiple tests of different vendors can be added to a single person if required

CloudTree Sync & Share 2.0

  • Share databases of any size with friends, family or between your own devices
  • No more limitation to 5000 entries
  • Considerably faster and more efficient sync
  • Much faster invitations to other people

New Chart Editor

  • Edit events or facts to be shown for specific persons
  • Improved options for text added to the chart
  • Improved arrows and lines: More options and line/arrow labels
  • Enhanced options to distribute the chart to multiple pages
  • Improved user interface layout
  • Undo/redo

New Report Editor

  • Undo/redo
  • Customize each word, color or font of a report
  • Remove unwanted sections in a report
  • Add annotations, pictures, PDFs and Text as well as additional rows in tables
  • Copy & paste text from or to the new reports editor

Enhanced Family Tree Books

  • Exactly specify which fonts should be used in your book
  • Also, all colors can be freely configured for the whole book
  • Choose what should be shown on the title page of your book
  • Specify an image for the title page or a family crest
  • Options to configure the page margins for odd and even pages

Database enhancements

  • If no birth dates for children are known, the birth order can be manually specified
  • Much improved handling of step and adoptive relationships
  • Enter alternate place names for every place. Especially handy of a place name changed over time.
  • Title can be optionally entered as an additional name
  • Specify which images should be displayed in the family tree icon in the welcome window
  • Ages and date spans are now displayed as components (days, months, years) instead of fractional numbers throughout the app
  • Hide specific images of persons or families from showing up in charts or reports

Improved Welcome Window

  • Much better space usage, especially when managing a large number of family trees
  • Specify the sort order of the family trees displayed
  • Optionally hide family trees from older versions

Author information & Family Crests

  • Store Family Crests of your family tree
  • Display your Family Crests Charts and Reports
  • Store information about the author of your family tree like your postal address and contact information

New Help Function & User Manual

  • Completely rewritten user manual
  • Every view in MacFamilyTree has a small question mark icon – click on it and you’ll be directly taken to the relevant section of the user manual
  • Integrated reader for the user manual including search and a handy table of contents bar


  • Performance enhancements across the board
  • Improved GEDCOM import & export

Family tree maker helps to build stunning family charts and allows sharing them with family members and friends. It comes with best features like mapping family members and allows adding new family members like children, remarriage or stepchildren. It provides the information of ancestors and shows evidence too.



To know more about family tree maker software one can search Google using “family tree maker templates”, “family tree maker online”, “family tree maker for kids” or “family tree maker download”.

Family Tree Maker

This tool helps one to build family tree easily and quickly. It enables updating family tree and share the tree with family and friends. It provides charts, reports, photos and many more to enhance tree. It allows illustrating family story with historical records and video files. It comes with onscreen help system.


There are set of products available for each feature. AnstryDNA is a easy-to-use DNA test kit which helps to find unique ethnic origins. Gift subscriptions will publish one’s family tree story. ProGenealogists helps to make family history search. Ancestry Academy helps to learn courses from family history experts. Photobooks and Posters help to produce creative gifts from family memories.


This feature filled family tree maker software helps to record, research and share family history. It comes with plenty of amazing features like color coding, problem alerts and many more. It allows directly importing any family tree maker file. It works on both windows and Mac with a single license.


This family tree making software comes with origins report to know trace origin of one’s country. It enables ancestor’s movement from place to place using migration mapping. It allows sharing events of family members. It comes with enhanced user interface and performs automatic sorting of events. It provides members statistics using various criteria like births by era, average life span and surnames.

Other Family Tree Maker for Different Platforms

There are a good number of family tree makers available for different platforms like Windows, Android and Mac Os. As their installation depends on the platform one should verify platform compatibility and then proceed for downloading and installing the software. Details of these softwares for each platform are provided below to get more knowledge.

Best Family Tree Maker for Windows – WinFamily

Winfamily comes with easy-to-use and understand interface and most of the feature are self-explanatory. It produces all possible details for each member in the tree. It can perform drag and drop individuals to the tree. It can perform validation as well as import and export data easily. It supports multi language.

Best Family Tree Maker for Mac Os – Heredis

Heredis provides displaying family members using quick entry screen. It allows adding siblings, remarriage, stepchildren and makes the family extended. It tracks the movement of family members with the help of interactive maps. It comes with most advanced search tool to find ancestors from municipal and military records and many more.

Best Family Tree Maker for Android – MyHeritage

This family tree maker application helps to build family tree by adding parents, grandparents and other relatives to the family tree. It allows researching family history and fetches data. It searches birth certificates, marriage certificates, census records and old news papers to find ancestors details. It allows adding and sharing family memorable photos.

More great software for windows, android and Mac Os versions

For Windows version, some of the family tree maker software is “brother’s keeper” and “Family Historian 6”. For Mac Os version some of the family tree maker software is “Reunion”, “iFamily” and “Osk”. “FamilySearch Tree”, “GedStar Pro Genealogy Viewer” and “FamilyGTG” are some of the family tree maker software for android application.

Most popular Family Tree Maker for 2016 is My Family Tree

Free Software Family Tree Mac Software

My family tree comes with plenty of features and tools to build interactive family charts. It supports multi-languages and spell check. It generates different types of customizable web reports for family groups. It allows displaying evidence sources and citations for the information. It allows analyzing family statistics like birth, death and marriages.

What is Family Tree Maker?

Family tree maker software enables to bring the entire family members together by building interesting family tree. However, the cumbersome job of building family chart is made easy with the help of these family maker softwares. They can create charts and reports to know statistics and patterns of the family members.

They can attach images and even photos for each family member and help the viewer to enjoy the memorable moments. To know more about their varieties one can search Google using “family tree maker 2014”, “family tree maker for mac”, “family tree maker 2012” or “family tree maker 2015”.

How to Install Family Tree Maker?

The software vendor or publisher for family tree maker provides installation instructions and one can follow them easily and perform the installation. One should check for prerequisites or predefined files that are to be installed and confirm system requirements. If any queries regarding installation arise one can contact the vendor and get clarified.

Benefits of Family Tree Maker

Family tree maker helps to organize family tree and store entire data for each member. They help to collect and preserve many important events of an individual member. They come with varieties of family charts like ancestor, descendant, and convergent charts. They provide detailed records and evidence of family members like birth certificates, marriage certificates, government records and much more.

They allow viewing family members by their birth dates, marriage date, and many others. They allow creating gorgeous photo albums of members and special events. It helps to track the status of family members and gives latest updates on their existence.

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