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Even with the system volume set all the way to it's highest level, the sound is very quiet. I have to be sitting right in front of my 15' MacBook Pro to hear it but I'd like to listen to it if I'm across the room. I have it on my lap right now, listening to a radio program and have to really concentrate to hear what they are saying. Is there some other way to 'turn up the volume'? I even tried putting on some portable external speakers (Altec Lansing XT1...usb powered) with their volume turned up and still could barely hear it. For listening to music at a decent volume, it's useless. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
MacFree Software To Boost Volume On Mac

iMac g5-MacBook Pro 15', Mac OS X (10.4.9), Also use pc with Win XP

No Volume On Mac

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Mac Volume Booster Free

The free trial is available at Global Delight's Web site. After installing, the app places an icon in the menu bar. Clicking on it reveals a simple volume slider. Mac Volume and Boost File.