Interactive Whiteboard Notebook Software For Mac

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These whiteboard software will make your drawings spectacular and for people interested in teaching, this software will make their classes interesting and will help in promoting collaboration among students.

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MimioStudio software allows educators to create interactive whiteboard lessons, collaborative activities, and perform real-time formative assessment. Download our powerful software today and see what the classroom can be.

Download these software available for free in the formats of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc.

1. Open-Sankore – An Open Source Whiteboard Software

Download Open-Sankore if you want a digital teaching program with high added value

  • Combines traditional teaching tools with advantages of ICTs and automatically backups data to prevent loss
  • Import flash animations/images/audios/videos by including existing PDF or PPT documents
  • Control your screen using options such as infinite zoom etc.

2. Desktop Whiteboard – A Lightweight Application For Sketching

Check out Desktop Whiteboard if you want a software that comes with pen equipped with preset colours

  • Offers support for nine customizable tabbed whiteboards; rename each with a user defined word
  • Undo/redo your actions and import images in the formats of JPG/PNG/GIF/TIF etc.
  • Customize the colour palette, choose between different layouts and set up parameters related to animation

3. Net Pen – A Collaborative And Interactive Software

Use Net Pen if you want to share your designs with multiple-uses in real time

  • Features for teachers include class voting and conducting/grading tests
  • Multiple sheets can be added for making multiple drawings at a time
  • Simple controls for drawing lines, rectangles and circles

4. Whyteboard – A Whiteboard Application For Linux and Windows

Install Whyteboard if you want a software that allows PDF and Postscript annotation

Software For Mac Computers

  • Replay your drawings and toggle between various thumb-nailed tabs consisting of drawings
  • Resizable canvas that updates its size as you drag it
  • Audio and video can be embedded and the final product can be saved in various formats

Interactive Whiteboard Notebook Software For Mac Windows 7

5. Whiteboard – A Simple Software Built for Ease-of-Use

Download Whiteboard if you want a lightweight application for drawing or teaching purposes

Interactive whiteboard software download
  • Provides sketch in four different colours such as Red, Green Blue and Black
  • Setup size of only 120kb and you can quickly clean the whole drawing
  • Cons: this software does not have a ‘save’ option

6. Smoothboard Air – A Whiteboard Software For iPads and Android

Check out Smoothboard Air if you want a software that will allow you to annotate wirelessly from a tablet into a computer

Art Software For Mac

  • Connect with one or many apps without any installation
  • Write on any application on the computer from a tablet
  • Use two or more tablets for collaboration in a classroom or a meeting
  • Switch slides in Powerpoint with the tablet wirelessly

7. Cooperative Whiteboard – Share Strategies On a Map

Install cooperative Whiteboard, a software originally designed for gamers to share maps and discuss strategies

  • Share images
  • The used image is verified by the app against the server image to ensure it’s the same
  • Lightweight application aimed at smooth running

8. irs Annotate

9. Paint on Whiteboard Desktop

10. Graffiti

Interactive Whiteboard Notebook Software For Mac Windows 10

Download these Whiteboard software that come equipped with various features and uses. Check out these free software now!

Free Software For Mac Downloads

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