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OnyX is a free disk utility for the Mac that’s perfect for ferreting out why things aren’t running as quickly or as smoothly as they should be. OnyX lets you run diagnostics on your hard drive, perform various system maintenance tasks, and delete caches you might not even know are there.

In order to keep your Mac running smoothly, you need to regularly run the maintenance tasks on your machine. Manually doing these tasks consume a lot of time but there are apps like OnyX for Mac that take care of the maintenance part of your Mac for you.

OnyX for Mac is a free but donation-ware app that lets you clean-up and keep your Mac tidy using various features. It also helps you change the core features of your machine so you can customize it to your liking.

Maintenance Section In OnyX For Mac

Once you grab the app and launch it on your Mac, the first screen you’re going to encounter is likely the Maintenance section one. It’s one of the important and core features of the app.

Inside of the section, you can enable options to maintain the structure of the system files and run maintenance scripts to do their job.

Another interesting feature that might help you fix the core macOS features that are broken is Rebuilding. It helps rebuild various indexes including LaunchServices, XPX Cache, Spotlight index, and Mail’s mailboxes.

The next part is the cleaning one and it’s the most important one as OnyX is actually also a Mac cleaner. Here, you can specify the items that you’d like cleaned up on your Mac. You can select and deselect a number of items in the list. The app will then only work with your chosen items.

Lastly, you have a section that offers cleaning up of miscellaneous items like fonts cache, recent items, the Trash, and auto-saved versions of the documents.

You can make any changes you want to the section and then click on Run Tasks to execute the actual action. You can also click on Restore Defaults to undo your changes.

Mac OnyX’s Utilities Section

The second tab in OnyX for Mac is Utilities that lets you run various scripts and offers you the options to easily access some of the core macOS tools on your machine.

The first tab that says Scripts lets you run daily, weekly, and monthly scripts on your Mac. You can click on the Run scripts button to execute them. The same screen also lets you view the log if you want.

The Manuals tab allows you to view the UNIX manual pages. These pages give you more information about what each UNIX command does and where you can use it. You can export the description of your favorite command as a PDF file.

Process is where your current processes are shown. It usually remains turned off by default but you can turn it on manually. It alerts you enabling it will make the file a bit too large for you.

Most of you out there will actually benefit from the last tab that says Applications. This tab lets you launch some of the core macOS utilities that aren’t prominently shown anywhere on your Mac. But with this tab, you can find and launch any of these tools by just clicking on their names.

Change File Options With The OnyX Files Section

Files section is actually where the most used features for regular users are available. Here, you can show and hide your disks, files, folders, and even your applications.

The Visibility tab lets you define what you want keep invisible and what you’d like to hide from other users on your Mac.

Finding allows you to quickly find a folder or file using keywords on your Mac. It first builds an index and then lets you perform searches on it.

If you want to verify the integrity of a file, the Checksum tab will help you do it. You basically give it your downloaded file and it’ll show the file checksum.

There are several ways to securely delete files on a Mac and the Mac OnyX has an option built for it as well. The Erasing tab lets you safely remove your files and folders from your storage so they can never be recovered.

AppleDouble removes the metadata of the files that have been created by various apps.

The last tab Trash helps you securely erase the contents of the Trash on your Mac.

Modify Parameters For Various Default Apps In OnyX

The Parameters tab helps you reveal some of the hidden options lying behind several screens on your Mac.

The thing with Macs is that there are actually a lot more options built into the system than what are normally shown when you open various apps on your machine. This tab of OnyX for Mac is what helps you unhide those options so you can start using them.


The first tab General lets you change some of the general parameters for your Mac. This includes the default screenshot file type, whether to show a shadow in your screenshots, how many recent items to show, and the speed of displaying the sheets among many other options.

There’s also the Finder tab letting you change a number of default Finder options. With it, you can get Finder to show hidden files, show path from the root instead of the home folder, and show various other options that are hidden by default.

There are tabs for the Dock, Safari, Login, and Applications as well. You can explore these for yourself to find out what you can enable and disable on your Mac.

View Your Mac Information In OnyX For Mac

The last tab in OnyX Mac cleaner is Info, and as you can guess by its name, it lets you view the information about your Mac system.

Once you click on it, you’re shown information about your Mac’s hardware, memory, volume, software, profile, and protection.

The first four tabs only show information but the last two let you do something with your Mac. The Profile tab helps you save your current hardware and software profile and the Protection tab helps remove the malware that exists on your Mac.

Software Download

Installer package for PC (System Requirements) and Consoles running ONYX OS 4.4

Please also install the separate DYLOS content package below.

FULL ONYX Installer 4.4.1193 (for PC and Consoles with OS 4.4)

Follow these instructions to Install ONYX

Third Party Licenses

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 5.

Source Code(not required for DYLOS installation)

Operating System Downloads 4.4.1193

The ONYX OS is supported on all NX and some M-Series Consoles. It is not for regular PC systems.



Onyx Operating Systems are provided as ZIP files.

Unzip them, then use the included Onyx OS tool to create a bootable USB stick. These are full recovery images and should always be kept with the console.

Installing the OSwill delete all files on the USB stick and the console! Export all required files first.

Please ensure that the correct OS is downloaded and installed. Download the separate DYLOS content package below.

NX2, NX4, M6 (with ONYX Upgrade kit), M1 HD and M2GO HD (5.1 GB)

(not compatible with M1, M2GO and M6, NOT FOR PC! )

Please remember to register your NX2 or NX4 to receive a free Capture Visualizer License: obsidiancontrol.com/getcapture

Legacy OS (M1, M2GO, M6)

DYLOS Factory Content

Please download and import one of the content package for DYLOS. The High Quality download is recommended to avoid color artifacts

(12.02.2020, 1145 Files, 9.3 GB) DYLOS High Quality Content Package

(12.02.2020, 1145 Files, 3.6 GB) DYLOS Low Quality Content Package

Use 'Import DYLOS Content' in Menu/Show/Load Save/Settings tab.

Capture Training File

Capture is a powerful lighting visualization tool. Please visit www.capture.se to learn more about its features.

Obsidian offers a pre-designed Capture File that matches the ONYX Training file.
This file can be used without a license and is ideal to learn ONYX.

File Archive

All previous Software, Operating Systems and all supporting documents.

Release Notes

4.4.1193 (23/04/2020)

Fixed 'no factory content installed' warnings after importing factory content

Fixed moving views

4.4.1192 (09/04/2020)

Fixed virtual fader issue in M-Play status window

Fixed EDIT+UPDATE PRESET (conflict popup) issue

Fixed some more DAX errors on shared memory not related to installer leftovers or incomplete software close

Fixed override flash/go with timing revert to 0% while on another playback bank that doesn't have that override in same position

Fixed pixel mapping issues when fixture is re-used in other or outside zones (2D plan)

Fixed LOAD/CLEAR issues from the fixture parameters panel

4.4.1190 (27/03/2020)

Fixed not all modules working after powering on NX4

Fixed loading shows, while a show is already running, not upgrading the show file properly

Fixed shows having fixtures with virtual intensities breaking those virtual intensities after show is optimized (when starting that show while fixtures had been deleted)

Rebranded AmericanDJ to ADJ in fixture library

Improved touch screen setup and configuration

Moved Fixture tab to first position in Fixture Center

Fixed consistency of page tabs visibility below 2D plan with setting at startup

Fixed F-Key editor can only be opened once per F-Key Type

Fixed software updates losing (factory) content

Fixed unpatching (multi-part) fixtures with virtual dimmers by fixture number

Fixed removing zones from patch sometimes interrupting pixel mapping on remaining zones

Fixed various (color) blinks when switching between (paused) video content and still images

Fixed inability to create folders in the 'Onyx' show file location on a console

Fixed Onyx installer kicking in when launching the Onyx software as another user

Fixed DAX errors on shared memory not related to installer leftovers or incomplete software close

Fixed cleanup of data folders on uninstall

Fixed NX DMX and other USB DMX device labels in menu

Fixed using Art-Net sourced timecode for learning timing

Fixed NX4 desklight control via long menu-key press and NX4 profile

4.4.1186 (18/02/2020)

This version requires Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise 64bit or ONYX OS 4.4.1186

Compatible with ONYX NX4, NX2, NX Touch, NX-DMX

Compatible with M-Series M1 HD, M2GO HD, M6 (with ONYX Upgrade), M-Touch, M-Play, USB-DMX devices

Created single OS for NX4, NX2, M6 (with Onyx hardware upgrade), M1 HD, M2GO HD


DYLOS is limited to 2 Zones in Free Version (other Zones show DEMO watermark)

Removed support for all Enttec USB devices

Phased out support for older Martin hardware (Ether2DMX8, M1, M2GO)

OSC Playback and Function Keys require license (ONYX or M-Series) or attached playback device (Touch/Play)

(unlicensed OSC Playback has execution delays)

New Features

DYLOS Pixel Composer (up to 5 Zones in 2D Plan)

Supports RGB, CMY, White, Dimmer parameters

DYLOS Factory Content Package (1000+ files, separate download and import)

Content Management System with User Media Import and Optimization

Video and Image playback

Wide variety of Postion and Color manipulation

Integrated FX (Tile, Lines, Colors, Generators)

Text Generator

Fixes and Improvements

Updated integrated Help Manual

Improved user interface focus and navigation

Console arrow keys are now active

New arrow controls on right side of button grids

Keyboard shortcuts and navigation

Fixed playback buttons being unresponsive to fast touch input

Fixed Art-Net loopback issue

Added discovery for Art-Net 4 devices

Fixed hardware devices on same device space not synchronizing with OSC input

Provide load/default shortcuts on parameter group popup

Optimized fixture type search in library editor

Fixed false conflict errors when reusing addresses of fixtures with virtual dimmers after unpatching

Fixed USB DMX devices not sending data beyond universe 64

Fixed inability to restore internal DMX devices to defaults when not all ports are attached to Onyx

Fixed fixtures with patch suggestion part (external dimmer, etc) being presented as multi-part fixtures in 2D plan

4.2.1057 (16/09/2019)

Updated NX4 submaster I²C firmware

Fixed NX Touch, M-Touch, M-Play device address setting

Only mark 'ReleaseWhenGo' when cuelist or timecode type

Ignore selecting group mask when no fixture groups had been selected to avoid fixture selection without focus

Fixed actions in 2D plan causing errors on Turkish systems

4.2.1045 (13/02/2019)

Added software support and firmware for NX2 / NX Wing / NX DMX

Fixes and Improvements

PC Installer: Eliminated dependency on Windows COM+, avoiding most of installation and runtime errors on PCs with damaged COM+ (after driver updates etc.)

Fixed submaster faders on M1

Fixed crash when adding fixture whose type is already in show file, but not in local fixture library

Fixed bank switching on M-Play

Fixed saving custom fixture type when using color or gobo wheels

Fixed 2D plan showing negative intensity values for virtual dimmers

Fixed gobo pictures not showing when moving show files to different hardware

Fixed UNPATCH option not working properly when patching fixtures to DMX addresses already in use

Fixed RDM PortId issue

Fixed timecode initialization error on GUI

Fixed intensity values not updated in title controls

Fixed Onyx installing to more recent SQL Server localdb versions: such show files cannot be loaded on consoles

Fixed CITP thumbnails not showing on consoles

Fixed library update to search and accept both SetupFixtureLibrary and OnyxLibrary extensions

Fixed 'Maxxyz' name still showing in Preset/Cuelist reports


Phased out MAXXYZ Compact/Cerebrum license key support. These legacy keys will no longer unlock 128 Universes of ONYX.

4.0.1006 (15/08/2018)

First version under Obsidian Control Systems

Launch of Onyx Software Platform, X-Net network protocol

Showfiles and settings renamed to .Onyx...

New 'Obsidian' Documents folder

New OS 4.0 required for all embedded consoles

On PCs, M-Series will be fully uninstalled first; your current show file will be saved as BeforeOnyx.maxxyz in your Maxxyz files folder



Onyx License enhanced to 128 Universes on PC systems

Universes 1-255 can be patched freely until license count is used up

(the license are no longer based from 1 upwards)

Free Edition remains locked to Universes 1-4

License feedback popup and menu overview indicate remaining Universe count

New Features

Onyx User Interface support for DPI / Zoom Settings in Windows.

Revised Menu navigation and icons for clarity

Enhanced workspace editing

New Onyx Quick access screen

Support specifying multiple source universes in MOVE UNIVERSE command

Visualization of multi-part fixtures on the 2D stage layout

Fixture Library editor improvements

Workspace F-Key shortcuts

Function Keys, Encoder Assignments included into Workspaces

Assign un-recorded view to sidebar

Workspaces color coding of toolbar

Swap window button when editing views

Workspaces include Function Key assignments

Workspaces include sidebar position

Added playback command shortcuts (double click / double tap) to all status displays like M-Touch/Play

Fixes and Improvements

Updated Help Manual

Changed parameter range click policy for slow/fast ranges (touching within the range defaults to Slow value)

Touch issues on popups

Unable to set M-Touch & M-Play DMX Universe

MOVE GROUP with replace doesn't work

Software wouldn't go live on some systems, despite presence of OneKey with valid license

Onyx Software Download For Windows

Show files can't be loaded if software waited for Create/Load/Join/Continue show for several minutes

Creating templates no longer work (except for Every)

External Display Support sometimes failed to start

Resolved M-Touch/M-Play DMX refresh issues when Art-Net is turned on

Resolved Empty files when exporting settings and generating reports

Issues loading show files

Download Onyx For Mac

Graphic memory leak causing drawing issues after extended use, requiring reboot

Onyx Software For Mac Running Windows 10

Issues creating new show

Delete fixture parts from 2D layout when deleting master fixture

Fixture type browser doesn't allow to add fixtures of types that are not in the library, even when already used in show file

Auto follow is sometimes ignored under specific conditions

Using gestures on certain components (touchscreen) causes problems

ConsoleTester crashes on close or detach when automated tests are running

Color popup hides behind left screen

Not all factory defaults are loaded

Changing color of workspaces doesn't follow the selected workspace

Workspace drawing corruption

Virtual screens do not extend to live plugged in external screen on M1

Function Key assignments split into a common shared set and an individual option per workspace

Added display settings shortcut in workspace hub

External displays on some consoles not detected properly

Identify console touch assignment was not reliable

Flyout windows stay open when using record command

Single strips of windows didn't show the type and options icon

HighLight doesn't toggle when opening highlight window with long press on button

HighLight shortcut works on virtual keypad

PanTilt position shortcuts (flip etc) were not visible

Default workspace can be edited and deleted (One workspace will always remain)

M6 left encoder assignment fixed

Workspace icon was not shown on Slave consoles

Some windows where missing the options icons

Color picker for playbacks sometimes went missing

Fixed various UI drawing issues

Manual fader takeover across X-Net

Screenviews independent across X-Net