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We've all been there, back from our two-week vacation and stuck with a gazillion photos, many of which are either duplicates or so bad they're essentially useless. Or we've simply neglected to keep our hard drive, memory card or phone storage litter-free because … we get it, work and life can get pretty hectic and photos accumulate easily.

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The problem now is carving out a couple of hours, possibly more, to sort through everything. You not only need to manually separate out the best shots, but you also have to organize everything, tag all the photos to make searching a breeze and create a backup in case something happens to your original files.

Magix Photo Manager supports most of the photo and video formats. DigiKam Photo Manager. DigiKam Photo Manager is a free and open-source photo organizing software that can handle more than 100,000 images. The program has all the basic photo organizing functionality you. Apple does include Photos on all new Macs, but this app is primarily intended for organising your photo collection, and only has a limited selection of editing tools.

Or you can use a photo organization tool that will do most of the work for you.

These days, photo organizing apps have risen to a new level of sophistication, making sense of your pictures, using intelligent image recognition to automate tagging and duplicate deletion, backing up to your cloud storage and even providing basic photo editing. And they will make your job a whole lot easier.

We've narrowed down your choices by picking out the top options for your smartphone as well as your computer, highlighting their best features and prime uses. You'll be organizing your photos like a pro in no time.

Sep 25, 2019  The Photos app makes it easy to find photos of a person or thing. You can also search for places and events. Tap the Search tab, then enter a term in the search bar. On your Mac, the search bar is in the upper-right corner of Photos. People: Find photos in your library of.

Best tools for your smartphone

Google Photos

In keeping with its tradition of producing web-based programs that are free, streamlined, user-friendly and mind-blowingly efficient, Google released its own photo storage and sharing service in May 2015. Weeks later, it was declared by many to be the best photo-organizing tool out there.

We don't disagree. Google Photos has a number of aces up its sleeves, including unlimited cloud storage, an option for automatic backup and uploading, easy sharing and multi-platform syncing, simple creation of albums and slideshows, multiple photo selection, GIFs creation and duplicate detection.

And that's only the beginning. This is the ultimate photo organization tool, and its top features include highly effective image recognition to automatically apply appropriate tags, which in turn makes searching for specific photos effortless. Google Photos recognizes not just faces, but also photo contents — for example, photos with cats will be assigned the 'cat' tag so the next time you're looking for a specific photo with a cat in it, you can find it simply by searching for 'cat.'

No more scrolling through hundreds of images to find one photo.

Price: Free for Android and iOS

Prime Photos

While Amazon's photo storing and organization feature isn't as comprehensive as Google's — and its unlimited photo storage is only available for Amazon Prime members — the service has a few things going for it. First of all, users have multiple upload options available to them: through the Amazon site, with the Desktop app and with the mobile app.

Another cool feature is the Family Vault, which lets you add up to five people (whether they're Prime members or not) to your vault. Each member (six, including you) can add photos and videos to share with everyone. Prime Photos also uses image recognition to tag photos, organize them based on the faces of the people in them and make searches a lot easier.

Obviously, it doesn't come close to Google Photos' intricate system. But Amazon's service is perfect for non-professionals and casual shooters who just need a place to safely store and share their photos.

Price: Free for Amazon Prime members


You can't help but appreciate the ease of using Slidebox, which is essentially what it sounds like. It doesn't have its own storage — it uses your smartphone's — but it does make it simple to delete photos you don't like. If you're looking for a quick way to clear up some space, this might be the photo-organizing tool for you.

Slidebox displays every photo in your library so you can scrutinize each image individually. Then you can swipe left or right to navigate through photos, swipe up to delete one, tap 'Sort to Album' to add a photo to a specific album, tap to create an album or hold a photo to share.

The fact that you have to intentionally swipe up to 'delete' (instead of just mindlessly swiping left/right) means that accidental deletion is minimized. And even if you do accidentally delete a photo, it's still retrievable. It merely goes into Slidebox's trash folder, which you can go into to restore photos you've changed your mind about.

Price: Free for Android and iOS

F-Stop Gallery

Here's an app that's great for Android users looking for some basic help. Though F-Stop Gallery isn't as powerful as Google Photos — it doesn't, for instance, use image recognition, automatic tagging and duplicate detection/deletion — it does provide a venue for organizing photos with ease. If you aren't comfortable with automated sorting and prefer the more hands-on approach, this tool is perfect for you.


To start using the app, however, you must let it do a deep scan, which can be a long process because it parses every photo and gathers all the information available, including tags, date taken and ratings. But once the scan is done, you're good to go. You can organize photos into albums, add more tags and create nested folders.

F-Stop Gallery's best feature yet is the Smart Album. It's essentially creating an album based on simple rules you dictate. For example, you can create an album based on the tag 'Africa,' and the app automatically adds all photos and videos with that tag to the album. There's some automation there, but you're in control.

Price: Free for Android but with in-app purchases

Best tools for your computer

ACDSee Photo Studio Standard

In the category of photo organization tools for desktops and laptops, ACDSee takes the lead. This tool is not only powerful — it's also very flexible, offering users several options to organize images so they can choose whatever they're most comfortable with. You can rate photos, color code them, add categories and labels. Best of all, it's intuitive and extremely user-friendly.

At $40, the Standard version is more than worth the price as this is a professional's tool. You can import your photos directly from cameras and memory cards, and it supports 86 file formats. It also allows you to apply ratings, tags or keywords, geotags, color labels and categories. Plus, it lets you process batch images with ease as well as create folders, sub-folders and slideshows.

As for photo handling, ACDSee Photo Studio allows basic photo editing, so you can make fast edits while you're doing some organizing. To speed things up even more, you can edit multiple images at the same time.

Price: Starts at$39.95 fon, free trial version available

CyberLink PhotoDirector 9

While CyberLink's PhotoDirector 9 is best known as an excellent photo editor, we adore its photo management capabilities. Like Google Photos, this tool automatically identifies faces in photos, then organizes them so you can easily find them later. It also supports color labeling and star rating, slideshow creation and direct upload to Facebook or Flickr.

One of the coolest things about PhotoDirector 9, however, is its Video-to-Photo Face Swap feature, which lets you create the perfect group photos by using the video to create a still image where everyone in the photo is smiling and not blinking awkwardly.

Other cool features include GIF creation and producing motion stills, which are essentially still photos with moving elements. This program starts at $45, but seeing as you also get a myriad of photo editing features, it's a bargain. Once you start using it, it'll be hard to look back.

Price: Starts at $44.88 on Amazon, free trial version available on

Apps to help you choose which photos to keep

One feature that's not always available in many photo organization tools is the automated curation of badly-shot photos and duplicates.

On one hand, the feature can save you the trouble of sorting through photos that are more likely to be bad anyway. On the other, while the photo might contain elements that conventionally make a photo lower-quality (blur, underexposure, etc.), that doesn't necessarily mean that the photo itself is bad. Additionally, even if a photo is blurry, there's still a possibility that it can be fixed.

It's the same case with duplicates. We all take several photos of a single scene to ensure that among them, we get the perfect shot. Many of us would rather decide for ourselves which photos we'd like to keep.

Luckily, there are tools that handle such photos without resorting to deletion … at least, not immediately. Google Photos, for example, let's you long-press a 'bad' photo to archive it and 'hide' it from view until you decide what to do with it. Its Assistant also makes suggestions on which photographs to archive — photos of documents and license plates, for example. And when you’re ready to delete, check out one of these apps with automated curation to help you through the process of discarding photos you don’t need.


Zyl is all about managing duplicates. This app studies your smartphone photo library to detect duplicates, displays those duplicates for you to examine, makes suggestions on which photos to delete and which to keep and then lets you decide. You can choose whether to trash the duplicates and keep the best photo, or just ignore the suggestion.

This photo-managing app doesn't have a lot of other features; the only other one it offers is Magic Album, which automatically groups photos together, apparently based on the dates they were taken, and then suggests putting them in an album. It also allows you to name that album or merge it with the album above or below it.

This Magic Album feature is nifty and simple, which many will appreciate. However, it's the managing duplicates feature that's most useful. It also helps that Zyl does a pretty good job at detecting similar images — even if they're not identical — and then picking the best photo of the bunch. It's usually spot on.

Price: Free for Android and iOS

Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements 2018 boasts an AI-type functionality that works with the Smart Tag feature and analyzes every photo based on image quality (exposure, composition, sharpness) and subject. It then gives you a considerably shorter list of the images it's deemed the best.

Elements doesn't give you as much control as Zyl does, but it does let you dictate how many photos you'd like to get back in the results. From there, you can manually choose the photos you're happiest with. It makes sorting easier, as it handles the early screening process and gives you fewer photos to examine. Additionally, it lets you merge two similar portraits when one of the subjects in one photo has their eyes closed.

If you're a non-professional looking for help finding your best shots, this tool is incredibly useful. And Elements has great photo editing tools too (see an overview in our story).

Price: $69.99 on Amazon, free trial version available on

[Image credit: camera photo apps via BigstockPhoto, screenshots by Techlicious, Adobe]

Taking photos is the best way to preserve treasured moments and precious memories. We take photos using our cameras or our phones and we save these photos in our computers. When we save these photos into our computers, it gets a little messy and it’s so hard to find specific photos when we need them especially if there are thousands of them saved in our computers.

Remember the time when we were only able to take photos using film cameras? Once we have those films developed and printed out, we organize these photos into photo albums per occasion or per memory. We need something similar to this to be able to organize all our photos on our computer.

Just try to imagine a very close friend is leaving. You want to compile all your happy memories shared together. It’s going to take forever to be able to find all those photos if you don’t have a photo organizer in your computer. You will waste hours or even days trying to find all those photos when you could have saved a lot of time if you had a photo organizer in your computer.

Don’t fret. There are a lot of photo organizing softwares available in the market and we have chosen the best ones. Here is a list of the 20 best photo organizing software for windows which are free to download.

Photo Organizing Software for Windows & Mac

1. digiKam

digiKam is an advanced open-source digital photo management tool that can be used on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Photo Organizing App For Mac



digiKam allows you to upload, delete, and lock images. You can also auto-rename and auto-rotate pictures while importing them. digiKam allows the auto-creation of albums and lossless conversion of the images during import. It also shows the information of the camera used in taking these photos.


digiKam allows you group together raw files, videos, and photos into albums and sub-albums. It also lets you add comments and tags to photos and albums. You can sort the albums by creation date, category, or by folder. The images or videos inside the album can be sorted out by name, file size, path, and date. You can also create a filter for the albums.


You can export the photos to social media such as Facebook, Flickr, Flash etc.

2. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is an image viewing tool used as a browser, converter, and editor.


  • Supports different formats such as jpeg, bmp, png, gif, etc.
  • Import images from a camera, scanner, and media devices
  • Different management and editing features such as sorting images into albums, image comparison, metadata editing, color adjustments, resizing, cropping, creating a slideshow, etc.

3. XnView

XnViewMP is a very powerful and efficient photo viewer, browser, and converter that can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


  • Reads and supports more than 500 formats including animated still formats
  • Exports to 70 different file formats
  • Change the size of the pictures and reduce the file size of photos
  • Organize your photo library in various views such as full screen thumbnail, or filmstrip
  • Rename and convert images in batches
  • Find duplicate images

4. PicaJet

PicaJet is an award-winning, powerful, and feature rich digital photo management and image database software that can help you organize your photos efficiently.


  • Create various image categories
  • High speed photo indexing
  • Automatic import of folder names and metadata information as categories
  • Use image icons or icon sets for different categories
  • Dynamic categories that allow one to check the status of an entire photo collection
  • Works with huge databases, that is, an album can contain even ten thousands of photos and you can create unlimited number of albums
  • Allows you to save the photos on a CD or DVD
  • Super zoom feature with just one click
  • Hide private photos by using the hidden tag
  • Imports images from cameras, scanners, webcams, and computer folders
  • Batch metadata editing
  • Supports more than 60 image file formats
  • Supports video files such as AVI, QuickTime, MPEG2, ASF, MPEG4, etc.
  • Search through filters
  • Search by any criteria including camera model, shutter speed, ISO, etc.
  • View images in a timeline
  • Automatic response to external file changes
  • Send photos to mobile phone

5. Zoner Photo Studio X

Zoner Photo Studio X is a high-powered photo editing software that allows you to import, organize, and edit photos. Once you import photos from your camera, Zoner Photo Studio sorts them into folders automatically. It can rename, tag, and even back up photos. It saves all the essential information about the photos into a database called the Catalog which makes managing and searching photos more efficiently.


  • Quick selection of images for import
  • Auto-sort photos into folders by place, date, and keywords
  • Batch assignment of keywords, descriptions, etc
  • Batch renaming
  • Browse by location, date, or keywords
  • Colored labels and star ratings

6. StudioLine Photo Basic

StudioLine Photo Basic is an image management tool with a couple of editing and presentation features.


  • Easily share videos and photos on the web
  • Edit photos with image tools such as exposure correction, red eye removal, crop, rotate, add special effects, and auto tone levels
  • Burn photos into a CD or DVD
  • Geotag images
  • Automatically load files that were not previously loaded
  • Supports dual monitor video cards
  • Batch processing
  • Sort images according to criteria

7. JetPhoto Studio

JetPhoto Studio is an easy-to-use and feature-rich digital photography software.


  • Management of photos using the calendar and map
  • Geotag photos using GPS
  • Create web and Flash galleries with just a few clicks
  • Upload desktop albums into web albums like Flickr with just one click
  • Create Google Map galleries using geotagged images

Tested on the latest version of Mac and Windows 10.

8. Magix Photo Manager

Magix Photo Manager is a free program that allows you to easily manage your collection of photos.


  • Import photos direct from cameras, smartphones, and also various cloud services
  • Facial recognition
  • Categorize and rate of photos
  • Removes duplicate photos
  • Find similar image content
  • Save photos in a CD, DVD, or hard drive
  • Magix Slideshow Maker
  • Share videos on Youtube

Photo Organising App For Mac Free

9. Phototheca

Phototheca is a photo management software that allows you to import photos from different devices and share these photos to your social networks.


  • Import photos from USB drives, cameras, cellphones, local drives, memory cards, iOS devices, and network shares
  • Filter photos by date or camera model
  • Calendar and timeline features
  • Detects duplicate photos
  • Supports multiple image and video formats
  • Lets you tag videos with keywords and also write descriptions
  • Share photos on Flickr, Google Photos, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Smart Album feature
  • Live Album feature

10. Photo Organizer

Photo Organizer is a free tool that allows you to keep digital photos organized and easy to find.


  • Scans the computer for image files that are scattered all over the system and organizes them at a specific folder or location based on the metadata
  • Rename multiple images in a batch
  • Remove duplicate photos
  • Undo changes and move images back to their original location

11. Pictomio Image Management

Pictomio is a software application that allows you to manage, categorize, search, and archive photos.


  • Geotag photos and videos
  • Create animated 2D and 3D slideshows
  • Available in multiple languages such as German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and English
  • Rotate and zoom videos
  • Map view or trip view of images
  • Manage trips
  • Share photos on google photos, flickr, facebook, photobucket, and ImageShack

12. Adobe Bridge CC

Adobe Bridge CC is a media browsing application used to manage and work with digital assets of all kinds.


  • Organize and edit images in a batch
  • Organize and keep HDR and panorama images
  • Upload photos to Adobe Stock
  • Drag-and-drop files
  • Support for HIDPI and Retina displays
  • Rename multiple files using a single command
  • Browse, rate, and tag photos
  • Convert image files into various formats
  • Watermark photos

13. Nikon ViewNX-i

The Nikon ViewNX-i is a photo album software that features enhanced usability for different functions.


  • Photo Tray function allows users to store still images or movie files temporarily from various folders to make editing easierr
  • Easily switch between browse, map, and web service workspaces
  • Create slideshows that include still images, videos, music, and titles
  • Map travels when using GPS enabled cameras
  • Upload files easily to Youtube, Facebook, and Nikon Imaging Space
  • Flexible image adjustment and RAW processing

14. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photo is an application that allows you to enjoy, organize, edit, and share digital memories.


  • Browse photo gallery by album, folder, or date
  • Automatic creation of albums that can be edited to add personal touch
  • Easy-to-use editor allows enhancement of photos
  • Create, browse, and share albums using OneDrive
  • Compare enhanced photo to original photo

15. FreshView

FreshView is a multimedia organizer that allows you to manage and organize your multimedia files.


  • Create and print HTML albums
  • Create HTML page for images
  • Save images in JPEG, GIF, and BMP formats
  • Open different file types in different formats – image, video, audio
  • Supports 86 multimedia formats including GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, Photo CD, PSD, MP3, MPEG, MIDI, AVI, and MOD
  • View photos in a slide show with various effects available
  • Image files can be displayed through a number of views
  • Convert graphics front one type to another

16. IrfanView

IrfanView is a compact photo editor with viewer that provides a variety of tools and options to organize and enhance photos. It is one of the most popular viewers worldwide.


  • Fast and compact
  • Supports different languages
  • Simple but powerful
  • Supports around 120 image, video, and audio file formats
  • Batch processing of multiple photos
  • Add overlay image or text
  • Create slideshows
  • Offers support for plugins to add additional functionalities
  • Create thumbnails and slideshows
  • Edit metadata
  • Search images
  • Add effects and finishing touches to your photos with just a few clicks

17. Daminion


Daminion is a digital assets management solution for saving images, documents, and videos structurally.


  • Import, export, and manage files in a variety of formats including camera RAW images, music, video, PDF files, raster, and vector
  • Import and export filter and tags data
  • Resize and switch views with ease
  • Group files by capture time
  • Rename files, assign tags, and create subfolders while importing files
  • Move folder with media files to a new location
  • Open multiple catalogs in separate tabs
  • Work with local and shared catalogs in the same workspace
  • Share photos to Facebook and Flickr
  • Convert files without creating duplicates
  • Export media files with specific conversion rules

Photo Sorting App For Mac

18. PicPerk

PicPerk is an image viewer and editing tool that supports the most common graphic formats.


  • Supports formats such as GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, TGA, and WMF
  • Convert, copy, move, rename, and delete files
  • View photos as thumbnails or in a full screen
  • Contains zoom functions
  • 33 image-edition effects that includes red-eye removal, crop, and resize

Best Photo Organizer App For Mac

19. Diffractor

Diffractor is an award-winning tool that allows you to organize and edit files. It is lightweight and is optimized for Windows. It uses standard file formats.


  • Tag-toolbar that lets you quickly set or remove favorite tags
  • Resize, rotate, crop, and adjust color in the images
  • Index and search using metadata
  • View photos even in RAW formats
  • Play audio files and videos
  • Filter media type by using keywords
  • Add tags to your files for easy and convenient search
  • Deleted unwanted photos
  • Rate photos
  • Use keywords and tags
  • Use locations

Photo Organizer App For Mac

20. Photoscape

Photoscape is an easy and fun photo editing software that allows you to fix and enhance images.


  • Create a slideshow
  • Edit multiple photos in one batch
  • Merge multiple photos on a page frame to create the final photo
  • Attach photos either vertically or horizontally to create just one photo
  • Created an animated GIF using multiple photos
  • Find similar faces on the internet
  • Convert RAW files to JPG
  • Rename files in one batch


Photo Organizing App For Mac Windows 10

There are various photo organizing or management tools and applications that are available in the market. These are the ones that you can download for free without having to pay for anything. There are other softwares that are also of good quality but you have to spend some cash to be able to access these applications. Always check for the reviews and the features of each tool or software to be able to decide the photo management tool that best suites your style and needs in managing your photos and videos.