Slow Motion Video App For Mac

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  1. Free Slow Motion App

You can import slow-motion (slo-mo) video from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using these apps. The app that you use to import your movie affects how slow motion in your video is handled when you play or edit your movie. Choose an app below to learn more.


Apr 25, 2012  The #1 Slow Motion Video App on iTunes Shoot video at a high speed then play it back in sllloooooww motion. Just added-SUPER SLOW MOTION 1000FPS-it will blow your mind! Featured by Gizmodo, MacWorld, Redmond Pie, Cult of Mac Shoot, edit, and share videos in beautifully smooth slow motion without the hassle of transferring files. Slow Motion by DynaPel Systems Inc. Is an application that allows you to create slow motion videos from your library. It's a pity that there is no version of Slow Motion for Mac, but you can use other applications with the same functionality. The following list contains some alternatives to Slow Motion for Mac.

By default, slo-mo movies play at full speed until they're added to a project. This setting can be changed in iMovie preferences.

  • The #1 Slow Motion Video App on iTunes Shoot video at a high speed then play it back in sllloooooww motion. Just added-SUPER SLOW MOTION 1000FPS-it will blow your mind! Featured by Gizmodo, MacWorld, Redmond Pie, Cult of Mac Shoot, edit, and share videos in beautifully smooth slow motion without the hassle of transferring files.
  • To watch a video in slow motion, open the video in Windows Media Player, right-click to open the menu, and select Enhancements. Then click Play speed settings and move the slider to the desired speed. If you want to add a permanent slow motion effect to your video, use video-editing software.


Slo-mo movies that you import in Photos include speed variations.

iPhoto and Aperture

Slow-motion movies that you import using iPhoto or Aperture don't show speed variations. The entire video imports at the slowest speed.

Image Capture in OS X Yosemite and later

Slo-mo movies that you import using Image Capture include speed variations. The variations are visible if the app you use to view them can view the variations, like QuickTime Player (version 10 and later).
Slo-mo information is included in the AAE file that is imported with your movie.

Slow Motion Video App For Mac

Image Capture in OS X Mavericks and earlier

Slo-mo movies that you import through Image Capture do not show speed variations.


Slo-mo movies don't include speed variations in Windows. The speed at which they play depends on the app you view them in.

Additional options

If you want to import the edited version of a movie to a Mac or PC that doesn’t automatically import the edited version, here's what to do:

  • AirDrop or email the movie to yourself.
  • Or, if you've enabled iCloud Photos, you can download the movie from the Photo Library web app at

These actions give you a copy of the edited version on your computer, but you won't be able to revert to the original, unedited version.


Free Slow Motion App

4 Free Ways to Convert Video to Slow Motion

Use Video Grabber

If you don’t want to install additional programs on your computer, Video Grabber is what you need. From the name itself, it is a web-based application. But don’t underestimate this tool because aside from being 100% free, it is packed with wonderful features you will enjoy. This application can convert videos into different formats, supports various media outputs, is equipped with video editor and many more.

How to convert a video into slow motion using this tool is easy, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit Video Grabber and click “Select files to start” to launch the application. If this is your first time to use the app, download the “one-time installation only” launcher.
  2. Then select and upload the normal video file. Tap the “Edit” button. On the advanced settings menu, choose “25% or 50%” on the play speed and click “OK”.
  3. Change the video format if necessary and click the “Convert” button to convert the file.

On the other hand, if you want a standalone video converter that runs offline, you may want to try Video Converter Studio. This ultra-high-speed video converter is packed with amazing functionalities you wouldn’t find elsewhere. It features powerful multimedia player, video downloader, screen recorder, video/audio converter and flexible video editor. It also has the ability to convert normal video to slow motion without losing quality.

Use mp3care

Another slow-motion video converter you could try is mp3care. Just like the first-mentioned application, it is an online application that needs not to be installed on your computer. Aside from the ability to modify video acceleration, mp3care can perform audio conversion, video conversion, and online rotating of videos.

To convert video to slow motion using mp3care, simply:

  • Visit mp3care’s website, scroll down below and click “Video slow motion”.
  • Click “Select file” and upload the video that you want to modify. Note that the maximum video file size you can upload is capped at 100MB only.
  • Alter the acceleration of the video by choosing “0.5x slow or 0.25x very slow”. Click “slow-motion or accelerate” then right-click the file to save it on your computer.

Use Movie Maker

Microsoft’s Movie Maker is also a great tool that can convert normal videos into slow-moving clips. Most computers running Windows 7 are equipped with Movie Maker but for those running Windows 8.1, you might want to download the application on Microsoft’s website. If you are using Windows 10, you’ll be surprised to know that Movie Maker is sadly not compatible with your OS. To get Movie Maker working on Windows 10, you need to download Windows Essentials 2012. After you’ve downloaded and installed Movie Maker on your PC, this app can now turn into a slow-motion video converter.

To use it, just:

  1. Launch Movie Maker and click “Add videos and photos”. Select the uploaded clip on the storyboard and click the “Edit” tab on the video tools panel.
  2. On the speed drop-down menu, choose from 0.5x to 0.125x video slo-mo options.
  3. To save the modified clip, click “Save Movie” and select the appropriate quality. Give it a filename and hit “Save” to save it on your PC.

Use ApowerEdit

Ever want to turn a regular speed video into slow motion and add captions or overlays? Then ApowerEdit would be a nice tool for you to solve the task. It is an easy-to-use video editing tool but comes with lots of powerful functions: cutting, joining, splitting files, rotating, adjusting speed, saturation, brightness, hue, adding mosaic, and more. It also provides you many kinds of stunning texts, overlays, transitions and filters templates. Via it, you can personalize your video, audio, image with special effects. You may like it for its streamlined interface and advanced video editing timeline.

How to make your video into slow motion with it:

  1. Download and install ApowerEdit on your computer.
  2. Open the tool and import your video by dragging and dropping.
  3. Right-click it and choose “Add to project”. Select the file and click “Edit”, then move the speed slider to set your desired speed.
  4. Click “OK” and “Export” to output your project.


Indeed, there are many ways on how to convert a video into slow motion. Mp3care is wonderful because it’s free and straightforward to use, however the 100MB limit makes it available for small clips only. Movie Maker features a wide variety of functionalities, but you need to download and install a compatible version first before using it.

If you want a free video converter that can turn normal videos into fantastic slo-mo, Video Grabber is perfect because it doesn’t have any file size or time limitations. For more powerful video editing and speedy file conversion, either Video Converter Studio or ApowerEdit is immaculate.