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Sony has made an excellent digital video hard drive camcorder named DCR-SR68. It records video which look good in spite of a lower resolution and the additional features assist it to overcome the lack of high definition. Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder is perfect choice for shooting the moments you want to memorize with kids, family, friends and more.

Jan 27, 2010  Get this software!!!! Connect your Sony HDD Cam to your Mac, put the Sony Cam in 'computer' mode (which allows a computer to recognize the cam), open up a finder window, wait a few seconds for the finder to show the 'No Name' drive (which is the Sony Cam), open it up, select your vid files and drag them into VisualHub (either all at once. 4-170-094-11(1)Digital Video Camera Recorder “Handycam” Handbook 2010 Sony Corporation DCR-SR68/SR88/SX43/ SX44/SX63 Table of contents 8 Getting started.

Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder equipped with a 2000X digital zoom, a built-in LED light face, detection technology, and a microphone that records beautiful videos. The interface consists of an SD card output, an A/V port a USB 2.0 port and the ability to transfer to an external hard drive without using a computer. Another interesting feature of this camcorder is face detection; it can recognize up to eight faces in a shot and it can automatically adjust the exposure settings as best as it can so that people won’t appear too bright or dark. Even though it offers best features, it is not free from data loss situation. Few of the scenarios reasonable for data loss from Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder are:

  • While deleting not so good videos, you may mistakenly erase important video without paying much attention
  • If you connect Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder to virus infected system then viruses may transfer to Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder and delete data from it without any notification
  • There may be a possibility of losing files from Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder if you record video while its battery is running out of power
  • Files from Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder will be lost if transfer process of videos from Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder to computer gets interrupted as a result of power failure or improper system termination
  • You may sometimes unintentionally format Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder storage device while fiddling with the menu

Apart from above mentioned reasons, files from Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder might get lost due to unknown reasons, but if you have software like Yodot Mac Photo Recovery then the reasons doesn’t matter all. This photo recovery tool has been specially built to restore data from digital media devices such as digital camera, iPod, portable media player etc. It will deeply scan Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder hard drive and then restores maximum amount of data. To make your selection process easy, it offers two different options i.e. “Data View” and “File Type View”. In addition to this you can preview recovered media files like photos, videos and music to confirm your selection.

Steps to get back data from Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder

  • First of all connect Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder to your Mac computer with the help of data cable
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install it to the Mac machine in which you have connected Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder
  • Run the application and go according to the steps given on it
  • Choose anyone of the option “Delete Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Now select the drive that represent in Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder
  • Permit the software to scan the drive and then choose required file types
  • Preview recovered media files and then save it in a location that you prefer

Useful Suggestions:

  • Do not record videos from Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder when its battery is low
  • Keep on transferring files from Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder to your computer so that you can restore it at the time of data loss
  • Make sure that you don’t connect Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 camcorder to virus infected computer

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Sony is the leading manufacturer of cameras and camcorders long before other brands even existed as we say that time and experience increases the quality of work done. So there should be no doubt in your mind about any product that has been manufactured by Sony as its delivers its performance way beyond our expectations.

The various products manufactured by Sony include cameras, camcorders, USB drives, LED screens, MP3 players, memory cards and many more; camcorders have a major hit on the market. With easy to use interface and efficient storage capacity, your entire HD quality videos can be captured without any interruptions. But there are certain times, not quite often wherein you may sweat yourself to gather the information saved in the Sony handy cam’s hard disk drive. This is because whenever you plug in Sony Handycam to the system; it issues a message stating format error ‘do you wish to format the drive now?’ It’s better for you to get to know some of the reasons leading to format error in the hard disk drive of Sony Handycam as listed below:

  • User may receive HDD format error on Sony Handycam if the format of the hard disk present in the gadget is changed to other format rather than the default one
  • Infected with virus as a result of connecting the gadget to more number of network connected devices will also bring HDD format error in your Sony handycam
  • Software or hardware conflicts within the Sony handycam also causes HDD format error as a result of which the videos present in it becomes inaccessible

There are other reasons that cause format error in your Sony Handycam hard disk drive and it doesn’t allow you gather the information from Sony Handycam. So the best thing applicable now is to install ultimate recovery tool that will take care of the recovery process and have your valuable files saved in different destination location respectively.

Recovering Data after Sony handycam HDD format error:

Sony Dcr Sr68 Battery

Gone are the days when you used to sit worrying when you had deleted or lost data from Sony handycam HDD. At present there are many data recovery tools to help in performing complete restoration of data from different storage devices including camcorders; most recommended one by industry experts is Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool. Apart from Sony handycam HDD format error, this application can fix SD card blank or unsupported file system error, drive not accessible, no media in specified device and many other errors as well. Simple user interface and best recovery algorithm is what makes this application favorite one. Once the recovery process gets completed, the restored list of files can be shown on the basis of file name, size of file, date in which the file was created and so on. Including retrieval of data from Sony handycam, user can also get back lost / deleted information from memory cards, iPods, computer hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives and other storage devices within short span of time. If any interruptions are faced while using photo recovery tool, then just approach our technical support team who will fix the issue as soon as possible.

Best guidelines to restore data from Sony handycam:

  • Download and install Mac Picture Recovery tool in the system by logging in as local system administrator
  • Run the program and follow the instructions provided on main screen of software
  • Now, connect Sony handycam to the system
  • Click on Lost Photo Recovery option and proceed to next window where the list of volumes will be shown to you
  • Select Sony handycam and then get to next screen where you can select the file types that have to be restored
  • After selecting the file types, click on next button that will start the restoring process
  • Upon completion of recovery process, user can save the extracted data to known destination location as available to host operating system user

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep backup of important data from Sony handycam in separate storage media
  • Avoid abrupt removal of Sony handycam during read / write process
  • Install good antivirus protection to prevent virus attack

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