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We’ve come across a new service called Notifyr that, in short, makes your iOS Device notifications automatically simultaniously appear as notifications on your Mac. The service is a pair of applications: a $3.99 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch application from the App Store and a free companion Mac app. Using native Bluetooth low-energy technology on supported Macs and iOS Devices, any iOS notification can appear on your Mac just like any other Mac Notification Center alert…

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We’ve tested this with several functions, such as phone calls, Facebook Messages, iMessages, and SMS messages, and it worked seamlessly. The phone app integration even shows missed call and voicemail alerts on your Mac. The setup process was a standard Bluetooth connection setup: a code shows up your Mac, and you type in that code on your iOS device to verify.

While you need the Mac and iOS apps installed, the Mac application lives as a toggle in System Preferences so you do not have to be bothered by it. The Mac app allows you to mute certain iOS apps from showing notifications on your Mac. As for the iOS app, you need to leave it installed and running on your iOS device, but it does not need to be open to work. The entire process seems very well, and it’s interesting that a third-party developer’s implementation seems more seamless than what Apple promised for cross-platform notifications with OS X Mavericks/iOS 7 last fall.

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Because the software requires Bluetooth LE, you’ll need a recently launched iOS device (an iPhone 4S or newer) and a new Mac. Supported Macs include: MacBook Air (2011 or newer), MacBook Pro (2012 or newer), Mac mini (2011 or newer), iMac (2012 or newer), and the Mac Pro (2013).

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